Communicate with tenants with real-time text message notifications. Send instant updates & alerts for important information.


Text Message Notifications for Property Managers


With over 10 years of experience, TrueDialog has invested in building direct carrier connections which provide our customers with the highest deliverability and allows us to provide a lower price than our competitors.

Our secure cloud-based software enables you to send text message notifications from any device with no hardware to install. Start sending in minutes.

Our flexible platform allows you to send mass notifications and alerts. Our proprietary "TrueDialog" feature enables seamless texting with both Short Codes and Long Codes all combined in the same thread. 

With TrueDialog, you can send notifications through text message, email, voice and even social to ensure your tenants get the message in their preferred channel.  

Bryan H.
Director of Email & SMS

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Tenant communication made easy for property managers.

TrueDialog enables property managers to instantly send mass text alerts, voice alerts, email alerts and social alerts. Our software is cloud-based which means there is no hardware to install so you can start sending notifications in minutes.

Enterprise-Grade Reliability

Cloud-Based Software

Mass Notifications & 2-Way Texting

Multichannel Notifications


Try TrueDialog for 15 days free. No credit card required.

Complete Text Messaging Solution for Property Managers

Create a win-win for tenants and property managers. Instantly send text message notifications for rent reminders, delivery alerts, elevator down, safety & emergency notifications and more. Text messages get instantly noticed and your tenants and staff will love it!

Increase Productivity

Eliminate the need to call tenants one by one and reduce inbound calls and emails.

Improve Communication

Instantly alert tenants for rent reminders, maintenance appointments and more.

Provide Better Service

Improve service response times and keep tenants informed about emergencies at your property.

Key Features

 Rent Reminders | Delivery Notifications | Maintenance Requests | Emergency Alerts | Tenant Questions | And More!