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Interactive Sessions That We’re Looking Forward to at SXSW

There are an overwhelming number of sessions during South by Southwest Interactive. We’ve taken the time to read through all of the descriptions and read about the presenters, so that you don’t have to. If you are interested in mobile technology, entrepreneurship, software development, and how these concepts apply to the greater world, then we think you’ll find something to like from this list.

3Seventy’s Interactive Sessions Recommendations…


Friday, March 13

  • 11:00AM – Hackaday Meet Up (Free) – They are the gold-standard in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts. We can’t wait to see what creative solutions are developed.
  • 11:00AM – In Stadium Experience (Need Badge) – Mobile Apps and SMS have changed the fan experience, and this incredible panel will discuss those developments as well as where they see things going.
  • 3:30PM – Digital Health Startup Pitch (Need Badge) – Pitch contests are a must-do of SXSW. This one includes the founders of three health tech startups, who each have five minutes to pitch their startup to an esteemed panel
  • 3:30PM – Fast & Furious: Bringing it Mobile (Free) – This panel will discuss the process of taking a film and turning it into a mobile game. Hear about the process and then get a chance to play a video game… sounds pretty good to us.
  • 3:45PM – Using Texting to Promote Empathy (Need Badge) – When society and technology mix, it can sometimes make a mess – or create opportunities. Dr. Sara Konrath will discuss new SMS tools designed to help build empathy in teens.


Saturday, March 14

  • 9:30AM – A Digital and Mobile Health Revolution (Need Badge) – If you’re curious about owning your health data, then check out this panel. They will discuss ow mobile devices have the potential to allow patients to own and manage their personal health data, and leveraging big data analytics to promote health and wellness.
  • 3:30PM – How Mobile Advertising Can Not Suck (Need Badge) – When and how will mobile advertising ever be a good experience with ROI? Brand leaders discuss the future of this marketing channel.


Sunday, March 15

  • 9:30AM – Youth Sports Marketing Meetup (Need Badge) – Join the USA Swimming CMO in a discussion about marketing to families in order to get kids involved in youth sports programs.
  • 12:45PM – Mobile Payments for the Third World (Need Badge) – Beyond retail and first world problems is a bigger concept of unbanked mobile money. What happens when mobile operators and the financial industry work together to improve affordable financial services to the unbanked population?
  • 3:30PM – Mobile Social Meetup (Free) – Filmmakers, city planners, and advocates will gather to chat and then ride together to watch the world premier of the film Bikes vs. Cars at Republic Square Park.

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Monday, March 16

  • 11AM – Mobile Tech and the Retail Revolution (Need Badge) – Our friends at Mood Media will participate in the discussion of the in-store experience, and how mobile activity has changed it – from deal research while inside brick and mortar to post-shopping purchases.
  • 12:45PM – Mobile Africa (Need Badge) – More Africans have access to cell phones than to electricity, indoor plumbing or even shoes. How Africa is using mobile technology to solve problems, and the lessons more developed economies can learn from them.
  • 3:15PM – Digital Health Communications (Need Badge) -This panel will discuss the current state and future of the big data revolution in health and personal wellness, as well as the challenges to building a data-driven health system.


Tuesday, March 17

  • 9:30AM – Mobile Technology in Fashion Commerce (Need Badge) – Join Madison Reed CEO, Amy Erret, in a discussion about building the next generation of  mobile shopping experiences. What it means for the in-store experience and how we use mobile there.
  • 12:30PM – Is Mobile Key to Political Apathy? (Need Badge) – Does the reach and personal touch of mobile devices make us more engaged with civic responsibilities? Is there a mobile-social connection that makes political leaders more tangible to the next generation of leaders? Let’s talk about it.
  • 5PM – Creating Meaningful Mobile Experiences (Need Badge) – Just in time marketing messages are quite different from saturated blasts of information. When you push out a message, are you putting the people first?


Do you have any other session recommendations?

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