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Integrating Mobile and Social Media

MocialMobile marketing has become a huge advertising space, and for those developing a mobile strategy, it is vital to get a campaign right from the outset to gain maximum performance. Mobile use and social interaction go hand in hand in the modern environment and the best strategies utilize consumer engagement to their advantage. However, there are some important considerations to make to ensure that a mobile strategy works when integrating mobile and social media.

It is important for a target consumer group to be understood before any kind of mobile strategy is developed. Knowing an audience and the best ways to contact them will help social campaigns have a positive impact and reach to as many people as possible. Marketing expert Tallya Rabinovich explained, “Creating a mobile campaign that doesn’t work for your customers is game-ending.”

Once a campaign is launched, it is also vital to reach out to consumers on several different platforms, rather than just relying on one social media outlet. While both Facebook and Twitter are ideal for driving customers to “like” and “follow”, marketers are increasingly using image platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to push sales. Experts suggest that one of the reasons mobile marketing is so effective is because it is a type of marketing that the customers themselves have opted to receive, which means there is already a receptive audience on the other end of the message. For strategists developing a new campaign, it is vital to ensure that social media is factored in.

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