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Integrating Media Channels With The Third Screen

It started with the invention of the television. Then there was the personal computer. And now the “third screen”, the mobile device, has confirmed that we are, undeniably, screen obsessed. This increase in the availability of entertainment and information has brought about a generation of mobile multitaskers – 86% of people are regularly using their mobile phones while interacting with another screen. This sort of “consumer ADD” can cause an advertisers message to be ignored, unless one properly goes about integrating medial channels with multiple screens to create an engaging brand experience.

Integrating Media Channels – Mobile

Integrating mobile into your existing traditional media campaigns is easier than you may think. While third screen apps are a great option for those with a generous budget, there are several options that are affordable and still highly effective such as QR Codes and text marketing.

On-screen QR Codes during television ads can be used to drive consumers to your brand’s mobile website where they can receive an exclusive offer, get more information about a product or service, or even interact with branded entertainment. With a QR code strategy it is important that you have a true mobile website to ensure a user interacts positively with your brand.

If your brand has not yet adopted mobile web technology, you can still integrate the third screen through text marketing. Whether your existing advertising is on TV or online, you can include language to prompt consumers to text in to a short code to opt-in to an SMS program. This can be anything from a one-time offer to registering for a customer loyalty or rewards program.

For more information on how you can integrate the third screen into your mobile, register here for our free webinar, “Integrating the Third Screen to Get In Your Consumer’s Pocket”,  on Thursday, September 20th.

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