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How to Choose a Mobile Partner

There is no doubt that mobile strategy has grown at a rapid pace and become a proven method for engaging consumers, thereby increasing sales for many companies. However, only “49% of companies have a strategy for integrating mobile into broader marketing activity” according to Econsultancy. This means that more than half of companies have not yet figured out how to incorporate the fast growing market of mobile into their marketing campaigns.

Finding the right mobile partner to trust with your mobile marketing can be easy if you ask these questions:

1. What solutions does this company provide?

Find a company that can run SMS marketing campaigns, mobile website design, mobile applications and connect out to other platforms including social media. Give consumers the choice of what channel they want to connect to you through.

2. Are they providing technology, strategy or both?

Mobile technology can get complicated and you want to make the most of it, so make sure the company owns the technology platform and helps you with the strategy around how to best use it.

3. Does the company understand mobile best practices?

Following CTIA and MMA guidelines in crucial for SMS marketing. You want to work with a company who is absolutely clear on how to follow these laws.

4. What do their analytics look like?

You need to see measurable results for each campaign in full detail. The ability to tailor your message based upon the reports in real-time will be essential.

5. Can the company deliver outside of the United States?

Unless you are a small business, having international reach is important. Sending SMS (text marketing) from short codes in other countries will make a big difference in your strategy.

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