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How SMS Manages Quick Service Restaurant CRM

Customer engagement is one of the most crucial aspects for running a successful quick service restaurant (QSR). Once a business overcomes the hurdle of building  a clientele, a good customer relationship management (CRM) system can help maintain repeat business and provide valuable feedback for the business owner. So, what is the best way to go about management? One of the best CRM channels for many QSRs and fast casual restaurants (FCs) is SMS.

A Text Can Pull Customers Back Into Your StoreCRM, customer management, sms marketing, mobile marketing, mobile coupon

One of the easiest ways to get customers to make a repeat purchase is by enticing them with coupons. SMS  text in programs can be easily incorporated  into a variety of different marketing materials persuade customers to join your mobile club. Let’s imagine that you own a local pizza place. You want to build your customer database by promoting special deals to encourage customers to make a repeat purchase. Utilizing SMS, customers can text in a unique keyword, like PIZZA, to a designated shortcode. From there, they can receive a unique coupon code that they can redeem in your store for a salad or appetizer with their next pizza purchase. This special keyword can be shared among all your marketing channels, like social media, radio, or Groupon, to make a cohesive marketing experience.

SMS Simplifies Continuous CRM

Once customer relationships are built, it is important to retain them. It is difficult for many businesses to find that sweet spot for maintaining customer relations. On one hand they don’t want to be too overbearing, but they also don’t want to be forgettable. SMS can provide a great solution to maintain profitable customer retention among QSRs. It not only provides direct communication to customers, it also simplifies the entire CRM process. An SMS coupon campaign can be used to deliver weekly or monthly specials and get customers to come back. For example, Chipotle’s mobile club texts their members about 1-2 times a month offering BOGO entrees or other free items with next purchase. Since it is only twice a month, it is not overwhelming for their customers and provides incentive for people to make keep making repeat purchases.



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