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How SMS Contests Bring Mobile Marketing Success

It is no secret that everyone texts and everyone loves free stuff. Text-to-win SMS contests are a fun and engaging way to build your company’s mobile club, like Tide did in 2013 by increasing their text subscribers by over 48,000, as well as deepen customer relations by encouraging returning sales. So, just how are SMS contests good for your mobile marketing strategy?

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Boost Your Sales with an SMS Contest

SMS Contests are a great way to drive sales by prompting customers to purchase specific items or engage in certain services in exchange for a unique sms code. A good example of this is Kellogg’s text-to-win contest in partnership with MLB. Unique SMS short codes are printed inside specially marked Kellogg’s products with one code being the grand prize winner of a season pack of MLB tickets. These contests can not only increase sales but, push new products. Taco Bell’s Quesarito was introduced in 2014 and to push Quesarito sales this year, Taco Bell is giving away a gold PS4 bundle when customers text sms codes located on their Quesarito Big Boxes.


Ease of Use

A great addition to your mobile marketing mix are SMS contests because it easy for both the business and consumer. From a consumer end, it provides an easy entry. No forms to fill out, no special steps to make. Just text the code to the number and you’re done. From a business perspective, SMS contests are simple to manage and cost effective. Yes, the legality of sweepstakes can be daunting however, once rules are properly constructed, contests are basically set up to run themselves.

Contests provide a nice break from the “BUY, BUY, BUY” feeling that many marketers may create while still driving sales and customer engagement. Whether you wish to push new products, build a stronger customer database, or just increase brand visibility, SMS contests are a fun, easy, and effective way to kill so many birds with one stone.


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