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How Mobile Marketing has Infiltrated Television

 Mobile Marketing has Infiltrated Television Shows and Commercials

I must admit that one of my guilty pleasures is the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars. They recently announced that women 18-34 are the core audience, so at least I am not alone in my appreciation for teenage murder mystery drama. During the second season of the show I noticed the pop-up ads to join their mobile club. You know I signed up for that in the blink of an eye – a chick who works in mobile and loves drama wants the MMS  teasers. Now I get video clips, photos of the characters, special insider information, and text messages from the mysterious character A.

It’s the Interactivity of Mobile Marketing

Walking Dead, which is a less guilty pleasure because everyone in the office loves the show, has also hopped on the mobile marketing band wagon. AMC learned that the audience watching Walking Dead is a tech-savvy group, so they reacted by creating a dual screen experience. Last fall they launched a program called Story Sync. Unfortunately, it is a traditional website rather than a mobile website and the AMC mobile application has very poor ratings because the user experience is not so great. However, the tablet experience is awesome and fun to interact with. You can play trivia, respond to polls, watch video clips and read additional show information.

I read that 86% of consumers are already using their mobile devices while watching television – usually during the commercial break. People want to talk about the show they are watching by text messaging friends and sharing on social media. We are a distracted and multi-tasking audience, so you might as well use that second screen to focus our attention on the show.

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