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Hospitality Mobile Messaging

In-App Messages vs Text Messages

Hospitality Mobile Messaging – which one delivers results for hotels, airlines and other travel companies?

In-App messages (aka Push Notifications) are short messages sent from a mobile application that is installed on a user’s smartphone.  In-app messages can be sent even when the application is not being used. These are highly effective for some mobile applications – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social or gaming apps. It is a way to alert the user of new updates, special offers or reminders, and drive him to use the app.  The one big advantage of in-app messaging is that it is a fast way to drive users into the application.

Text messages (aka SMS) are short messages (160 characters) sent between two or more mobile phones. Text messages can be sent from a short code or a long code directly to a user’s mobile phone. The user does not need to have a smartphone, nor does he need to have your mobile application installed.  Since the end user includes both smart and feature phones (and you don’t need an app), the potential reach of your message is significantly wider. Text messaging eliminates the barrier points by allowing anyone with a mobile phone to join connect with your company, regardless of the phone type or wireless carrier.hospitality mobile messaging, hotels and resorts, text message marketing, in-app messaging

Hotels Using Mobile Messaging

You want to drive people to your mobile application or mobile website and make a purchase, so why would you use text messaging? Inclusion. If you want to reach all of your loyal customers, and get your message to them faster, then text will be the most effective tool.  Include a link to your website or into your mobile application in the text message, if that is how you are driving them to a purchase point. Resorts and Hotels around the world are discovering the power and effectiveness of text message marketing to keep guests informed and rooms filled. Last year, a Forrester survey identified a 450% increase in mobile bookings since 2009.

What Kinds of Text Messages Should Hotels Send?

  • Send Special Weekend Rates to Loyal Customers / VIPs
  • Fill Empty Rooms with a Last Minute Deal
  • Promote Other Services such as Restaurant, Bar and Resort Activities
  • Target Select Demographics by Zip Code or Preferences
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Emergency and Weather Alerts

Tourism and Resort Messaging

Hotels are not the only ones who can increase revenues by leveraging mobile messaging, more tourism boards and specialty resorts are creating mobile marketing campaigns to draw people in. Resorts can capitalize on consumer behavior by combining it with highly segmented text messaging campaigns. The more you can gather about your customers (or potential customers), the more targeted your messages will be. A more personalized text message receives a better response rate. If you want to drive people to the ski slopes, then focus on visitors who prefer to visit during the cooler months. How do you find that out? Ask! Use two-way messaging to survey visitors about the kinds of information they want to receive from you.


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