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Holiday Mobile Strategy Starts with True Dialog

What is Your Holiday Mobile Strategy?

During the holidays we are exhausted from running around shopping and attending parties, so that we do not prepare lunch or cook dinner as often. It is a peak season for restaurants to see new faces or increased traffic from customers. Throughout the country, more restaurants (both large and small) are marketing smarter with text marketing. It allows them to send highly targeted messages quickly and affordably into the hands of customers.

Text messages can be used to boost slow days with mobile coupons, drive traffic into the location with special event invitations, run a sweepstakes to create some buzz, and even collect customer service feedback. The average text messages has a 97% open rate and a 25% response/redemption rate. In comparison, email has a 12% open rate and printed coupons have one tenth the redemption rate of digital coupons.  Those are statistics that restaurants cannot afford to ignore.

Key components of a good text marketing strategy includes an incredible incentive, use of external marketing channels, educating your staff, laying out an SMS calendar for 30/60/90 days, and using a text service provider that has strong reporting and contact management. A great example of a well-planned text messaging campaign is A&W Restaurants. Within the restaurant, you see the words “Text BURGER to 70626” everywhere – tray liners, posters, table tents and cash register signs. When a customer texts in, he or she will receive a single-use mobile coupon code for a free Papa Burger. All of the staff are aware of the program and can explain it to customers, and they offer the information freely at the cash register. After the first 30 days, the mobile database reached 40,000 people. Knowing that information, A&W worked with their SMS provider to plan both outbound push messages and inbound opt-in messages for the next 60-90 days. After 8 months of growing a mobile database, A&W has gained a loyal customer base that they interact with on a regular basis and gain incremental revenue from.

You can read a full case study about A&W Restaurants here.

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