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Grocery Retailers Integrate Text Marketing

How Retailers Integrate Text Marketing


With consumer’s increased daily use of hand-held devices, shoppers are consulting their devices while grocery shopping.  As shoppers look to their devices for inspiration on what to buy, they are also using it for bargain shopping as well.

A report from shows that 44% of women use their mobile device more often while at the grocery store compared to one year ago.  Combine that fact with the forecast that an estimated $10 billion dollars in mobile coupons will be redeemed this year alone, which is a 50% increase over 2012. Grocers should be looking for a way to take advantage of mobile marketing using both location and time when delivering their marketing message.

There is no easier way than through text marketing.  Delivering a simple text message to engage customers opens up a relationship, and gives grocers the opportunity to communicate with the consumer at every point of the retail cycle – from product information to product purchase.  Grocers can also capture data such as demographic details, location and frequency of visits from customers when they opt-in to a text marketing campaign.

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Marketers can plan for more targeted text messages to customers in the future.  By promoting the SMS database through in-store signage, events, billboards and other traditional advertising vehicles like print ads, stores are able to start a more direct relationship with customers.  From this intelligent SMS database, marketers are able to deliver campaigns that result in higher ROI’s as well as open up additional avenues like mobile websites, mobile apps and mobile advertising.  The key to a successful mobile marketing plan is creating a cohesive customer experience across all of your marketing avenues, and text marketing can act as the glue among those channels.



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