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Going Green with Mobile Marketing Means Making Green

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Going Green with Mobile

As of March 1, 2013, plastic bags are no longer permitted to be used in grocery stores in Austin, Texas. This forces us to buy reusable bags and bring them to the supermarket, but it also makes us greener consumers. Whole Foods has been using wind-based renewable-energy credits since 2006 to offset their energy use. Businesses are thinking more about how they can make their operations greener to reduce costs and how the products they use/sell affect consumers too.

It is no longer enough for us to print fewer pages in the office and depend upon digital files. The way businesses communicate with customers’ needs to change too. Grocery stores are a perfect example of high amounts of waste – circulars, direct mail and printed coupons. That is a lot of wasted paper and money. I totally understand that the use of circulars is still fairly high, but printed coupons are definitely on the decline and so is direct mail. If a grocery store was to reduce their circular printing from a run of 100,000 each week to 60,000 each week, then they can put the extra money towards a lower cost revenue driver like text marketing and be 5 times greener.

Making Green with Mobile

Every grocery store MUST HAVE mobile websites by now. If you do not have one, then people are shopping elsewhere or they are less informed about your product offerings and therefore buying fewer items. Get your mobile websites up and running, and make sure you stick to the 3-click rule. If it takes more than 3 clicks to get to any content, then people will stop trying. Include recipe ideas and give customers the ability to send the shopping list via text message. This makes shopping easier, and you can deliver a coupon code via text marketing too. Promote your recipes and shopping lists on digital screens in-store or posters. Let customers text in to a keyword to get the link or scan a QR code – remember that not everyone has a smartphone.

Try this out for 1-2 months and you will see impressive results. Your grocery store will be greener, customers will be satisfied, your marketing costs will be reduced, and revenue will definitely increase from the mobile coupon redemption. Go Mobile to Go Green.

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