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Getting Lost Without Mobile GPS

Remember the days of unreliable, over-sized travel maps testing your patience? Or getting so turned around you had to stop and ask for directions at the nearest gas station? If you were born before the mid-90s (not to put an age limit on it) you are all too familiar with those times.  However, getting lost seems to be a thing of the past; younger generations are hardly ever stumbling upon this annoyance and we find ourselves reaching destinations with far fewer turnarounds.

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For as long as I have been driving, I love the luxury of a navigational map on my smartphone (or mobile GPS).  Global Positioning System (GPS) not only maps a perfect route to my destination with the desired time and distance traveled. but also provides multiple route options and includes a traffic indicator.  Due to the advances in technology, our smartphones have completely revolutionized the way we travel.

Not only are these maps an added perk of any mobile device but brands are taking full advantage of its compatibility with mobile websites and mobile apps as well.  If a company has a mobile website with a destination address located on it, with just one click the user is able to automatically input that address into their mobile GPS and get directions to this location immediately.  This is especially useful for travel in foreign landscapes or those hard to find destinations.

As the number of smartphone is inversely proportional to the use of location-based information, we can conclude that both will continue to be in high demand for years to come.  There are more than a million daily smartphone activations. Added to the current number, the Pew Internet & American Life Center reports that 74 percent of smartphone users utilize real-time location-based information or directions.  Greatly impacting the way individuals travel, as well as the amount of time we spend lost.

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