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Gathering Customer Data for Smart Messaging

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty is your number one focus. You just want to keep your customers happy, so you offer a deal based on the frequency of each loyal customer’s visits. That is a great offering to your customers, but what is really in it for you? The incentive of a “free” this or “complimentary” that is not enough to create loyalty. Today’s consumer expects to be treated as unique, and he wants to feel important. How are you creating that for your customers?

Making it Personalized

Make each interaction feel as personal as possible – through all channels of communication with the customer. If you have a store-front, it will take staff training to support their memory of the “regular” loyal customers. For your digital communications, it will require dynamic personalization in your emails, text messages, and in-app messages. The difference between “Good Morning! Welcome to our store” and “Good morning, Joe! Welcome back” is loyalty. You have the ability to create that loyalty by making each customer feel special and recognized. (Yes, there will be the 1% who do not want to be remembered. But you need to know who they are too)

Gathering Customer Data

How are you expected to learn the customer’s name, birthday, and favorite product? It is a simple ask. If you are offering value to that customer by gaining new information, then he or she will be happy to offer up information to improve the experience. The pieces to really plan out and take consideration around are the: How, When, How Much, and Why

  • How are you asking the customer for the information? What communication channel are you using and how is the question being phrased?
  • When are you asking for the information? How are you spreading our your asks? If you want to identify 5 key pieces of information about the customer (first name, last name, birthday, favorite product, frequency of purchase), then you’ll need to think about the time in between.
  • How much are you asking for? Frankly, asking for a customer’s life story in a long string of texts or an online survey can be off-putting to even the most loyal customers.
  • Why are you asking for this information? You have internal reasons for it, so can you be completely transparent about those reasons or do you need to plan for a more polite way of explaining?

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This pizzeria spreads out their customer data inquiries over 6 months. As soon as you join the mobile   loyalty program, we want to know what your zip code is. Why? So you only receive offers that are valid at the location nearest to you.  It’s logical to the customer and useful to the company.

During a text campaign 1 month later, they may ask about a favorite order and ask for feedback on their menu items.

This structure avoids overwhelming or scaring the customer, but also fulfills your need to gather information – to drive loyalty.

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