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Gas Station TVs Use Mobile Marketing

TVs use Mobile Marketing To Increase Purchase

I remember the days when gas cost about a dollar and pumps first began taking credit cards outside. It wasn’t a place of entertainment or special customer perks – just a place to get gas and move on from. Clearly, a lot has changed in the past 15 years. Technology has advanced, which has changed shopping habits and the way that we are marketed to.

Now when I approach the gas pump I am welcomed by a touch screen asking how I want to pay today. While I pump my gas commercials and ads for the convenience store run, tempting me to spend more money than I initially planned. The concept of this TV screen built into the pump has been driven by Gas Station TV (GSTV) and a few others through partnerships with the major gas companies.

Mobile Interactions Drive Loyalty

The aim is to drive loyalty and additional revenue, however I think the experience can be further enhanced. Right now this is a purely pushed out message with the hope that a customer watches the screen and takes action. The gas station or convenience store knows very little else about the customer. This just seems like a missed opportunity to me. Why not ask the customer to take an action that is easily tracked and create a loyalty program tailored to him or her?

If the screen at the gas pump told me that I could text GAS to 70626 and immediately receive something for free or heavily discounted inside the convenience store, then I would take action. I would text in to get my mobile coupon and then the convenience store would have my mobile phone number in their text marketing database. Text marketing can be incorporated into most any marketing channel, which is why so many big brands like using it. It appears that very few, if any, gas stations/convenience stores have taken advantage of text marketing to create loyalty.

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