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From SMS Alert to a Full Stomach in 60 Seconds

How Mobile Marketers Are Targeting Hungry Families

With the end of summer and the beginning of school season in full gear, many families are facing the challenge of creating simple dinners that can please everyone at the table. So where does a busy parent turn to for dinner inspiration? Break out a tired favorite out of the cookbook? Comb through the vast amounts of kale and quinoa dinner-in-a-jar recipes pinned on their Pinterest boards? For some, inspiration comes right from their mobile devices, which provides an opportunity for mobile marketers.

“Pushing” For Grocery Store Interaction

Recently, Clorox has launched a mobile based campaign for its Hidden Valley Ranch, the popular salad dressing brand, and Soy Vay, a line of Kosher Asian inspired sauces and marinades, to engage consumers to head out to their local grocery stores.  With the help of iBeacon, Clorox has developed an app that sends cooking “hacks” whenever their target audience is close to or inside of a grocery store. Push notifications can range anywhere from recipes to product locations within the isles.


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A Meal via SMS Alert

For the occasions when the idea of cooking is just too much, many quick service restaurants provide relief with the use text message opt-ins. A&W Restaurants’ text club provided users with coupons sent via text starting with a free Papa Burger ® just for opting in. Chipotle’s mobile list offers users BOGOs on their burritos and bowls. Domino’s new Anyware ™ campaign allows customers to order pizza on any device, be it on a smart watch, a tweet, or even a text.

Mixing food and phone together seems to be the profitable direction for both food companies and mobile marketing. Retail SMS, in-app messaging, and multiple device integration are the new norms of how we market food. Food is a highly saturated market with a 70-80 percent fail rate for new products launched in the grocery store market and a 61 percent fail rate for restaurants.  However, as food brands continue to assert themselves more in the mobile market, the daunting question “What are we having for dinner?” can be much easier to tackle.



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