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Feasible Mobile Strategies Through The Analysis of A Dilbert Comic

Feasible mobile strategies







In this post we will analyze the Dilbert comic posted above and provide social commentary on generational stereotypes. Even though it makes the older generation look out of date, and the younger somewhat narcissistic, the stereotypes within the comic have some truths in it. Taking a look into how each generation uses technology can give insight into how to promote an effective mobile strategy to your intended demographics.

Feasible Mobile Strategies for Each Generation

Retired, senior citizens (Baby Boomers) –  This generation is arguably the least connected and tech-savvy. A recent study by Pew found that nearly half of all American adults are smartphone owners, an increase of 11 percent since last May.  As the comic shows, they are slightly behind the curve of technological advancements creating the possibility of elaborate mobile strategies bringing them some trouble.

The young and in touch parent (Generation X) – This generation was hitting their late teens early twenties when smartphones really took off, keeping them connected to the many changes of technology. They are always on the go and need information as quickly as it can come.  With the average text message open rate just under three minutes, this generation is great to focus your text marketing campaigns on.

The tech-savvy, recent college graduate (Generation Y)- As a part of this generation, I grew up with the latest fads and gadgets allowing me to be connected to everyone instantaneously.  Where the later generations view mobile devices as a  “nice to have”, individuals within this generation view it as a necessity to the survival of their every day lives.  We are highly influenced by new and innovative technology and could easily be marketed via sms marketing, qr codes and mobile websites/apps.

With mobile usage skyrocketing in recent years, implementing a mobile strategy is more important than ever. Understanding how and when these generations are using these channels of technology is essential in deciding how to best execute your mobile strategy.

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