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Does Text Marketing in Retail Industry Make a Difference?

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Text Marketing in Retail Brands and Stores

Gone are the days of intrusive, one-way communication between a brand and its customers. With the popularity of smartphones rising at a rapid rate, a new and dynamic marketing channel has emerged.  Text marketing allows retail brands to have a two way conversation with its customer, driving in-store traffic and ultimately boosting revenue.

Our mobile devices are our inanimate children that we bring with us everywhere, and check incessantly (and subconsciously).  Brands recognize consumers’ mobile dependency and acknowledge that marketing straight to their smartphones is the most cost effective option. According to Juniper Research, retailers are expected to spend $28 billion on mobile marketing campaigns in 2013; growing to $55 billion by 2015. SMS marketing results in a beneficial exchange between both the brand and the customer. The retailer pushes out mobile coupons of upcoming sales and promotions to a smartphone and the customer is notified, almost immediately, and able to act on it; boosting revenue and driving in-store traffic.

A brand may have social media marketing, email marketing and even traditional marketing down, but most are missing the channel that makes itself easily available to nearly all customers.  Retail brands don’t have to waste time or money marketing without any guarantee it reaches and notifies their intended target.  SMS marketing has proven success for numerous brands nationwide, and those not implementing such strategies are losing time and money.

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