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Digital Wallet Technology Means More Opportunities for Mobile Marketers

Your Phone is Your Wallet

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If you have ever struggled to find the right rewards card in your wallet like I have, you will welcome the news that a digital wallet will allow you to store all of this type of information in one convenient place. Anything that will make it more convenient for me to get a transaction completed when visiting a retailer is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

Canada Loves Digital Wallet Technology

It appears that Canadians are ready and willing to embrace this type of mobile technology. A survey conducted by Leger Marketing for PayPal Canada found that 56 percent of Canadians said that they are very comfortable with the idea of making cash-free purchases. A full 36 percent of Canucks stated that they would be willing to use a mobile device to make a variety of purchases, from something as small as a daily cup of coffee to larger items, like electronics.

What does this mean for mobile marketers? The increasing popularity of mobile devices opens up multiple opportunities to interact with consumers by placing targeted ads and offering special promotions to customers through mobile devices.

If modern consumers are already embracing the idea of going shopping with their devices, it simply makes good sense for marketers to tap into mobile shopping as a way to increase revenue. Over time, they will continue to reach out to customers in this manner.


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