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Deep Linking in Mobile

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking connects a unique url on a web search to a specific page in a mobile app or mobile website, seamlessly linking users to relevant content.  This solution lets ads see whether consumers already has a specific app on their phones; and when the user clicks the ad, it directs the user to a specific page within the existing app to make a purchase.

For instance, a consumer is searching for a new backpack for back to school shopping on her phone’s browser. The consumer already has the specific department store’s app installed on her phone that she see’s advertised, when she clicks the ad it will bring her to the backpack section within the store’s app or to a specific sale page for that product.

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How Does Deep Linking Work?

A mobile developer can install a custom url scheme to point the mobile browser towards a specific page when a particular action is taken, such as clicking the link. For mobile advertising, this custom url will likely point towards the correct mobile website landing page for a product or service offering. Things a little more complicated when you link to an app.

“Enabling deeplinking for a mobile application will allow you to invoke deeplinks that open an app and launch specific, defined screens within the app, such as the homepage, product pages, and shopping cart, much as you would on a website.” Read more about mobile deep linking.

Why is Deep Linking Is Useful?

Greater engagement takes precedent over database size for the savvy mobile marketers. Companies are attempting to overcome the switch from mobile to desktop for purchases. The best use of deep linking helps to circumnavigate the need for consumers to search again for another product they want or bounce out to their desktop and break the connection with your brand. The primary reason that deep linking has such value is  because it allows advertisers to direct customers to their pages via targeted ads (plus track the success).


Mobile Marketing “Opt-In” Option

Interestingly enough, SMS marketing by its very nature is an an opt-in marketing service. So concerns about marketing tactics such as the intrusiveness of deep linking (as perceived by some) is completely avoided. Users must opt in to your SMS program, so they not only expect targeted content from you but see something of value from your company. When a consumer wants to receive marketing collateral, then you have completed the same possible process as you could with the deep linking but without the extra coding work by a developer and without an “invasive” technology.

Mobile technology presents so many great opportunities for the marketing of your company. If you carefully approach each mobile tool and consider the best uses first, then there’s an enormous opportunity to meet your consumers needs and desires while also protecting consumer trust.




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