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Text Message Touchless Customer Tracking

For businesses that are planning to reopen soon and need a way to track customer traffic,
TrueDialog has developed the perfect contactless tracking solution that enables customers to self
register their in-store visits by simply sending a text message to the business upon entering. This
eliminates the need for shared tablets, registration forms and provides a quick and effective way for
businesses to track customer visits and help to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Benefits of Text Message Customer Tracking:

  • Customers register themselves with personal phone for a touchless experience.
  • Secure record keeping of customer information for 90 days or longer.
  • Set up in minutes without any hardware or development.
  • Easily pull customer registration reports by month, day, or minute.


PLANS START AT ONLY $24.99 (Track up to 2,000 customers)

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