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CPG Companies Get Results from Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Today, approximately 91% percent of the population in the United States carries a celphone. One in four cell phone subscribers uses their handheld device to access the mobile web. CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies have a ready market of customers, and incorporating a mobile marketing strategy in their overall marketing efforts that is familiar to their customers makes good sense.

Results from Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing to CPG customers can help to build a company’s brand, make customers aware of special offers, and increase customer retention. The ads can be customized so that they are of interest to local buyers. With mobile technology, companies can also implement audio ads with an automated voice service. Mobile response accuracy allows companies to get measurable results from mobile marketing campaigns.

These companies can use banner ads to direct customers to the closest retail location where they can buy products. Banner ads can also be utilized to offer specific deals to local customers. Coupons can be shared with customers through their cell phones as well.

I think the idea of using mobile websites for CPG customers is a very effective one. Cell phone users are likely to use these resources to plan a shopping trip. Modern consumers are always on the lookout for the best deal for products they are buying on a regular basis and I can see how offering coupons or special offers through a cell phone would be an effective way to generate sales.

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