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Convenient Shopping: The Future of Mobile Commerce


The Future Mobile Commerce is in Your Pocket

Chances are that in your pocket or purse right now you have access to the world’s largest shopping experience. That’s right, your mobile device is an instant access window to the world of online shopping. As more and more retailers deliver optimal mobile shopping solutions on their websites the mobile phone is becoming a consumer’s MVD (Most Valuable Device).

According to a recent study published by Adweek, 18-34 year olds are highly likely to use their mobile device as a shopping tool. This demographic goes in-store and does shopping comparisons, and then requests price matching with their phone in hand. They also favor shopping directly from their mobile device with mobile apps and mobile websites.

As this demographic matures into adulthood they will bring their shopping habits with them. According to a recent eMarketer study, by the year 2017 more than 25% of all online retail transactions will take place on mobile websites and apps. Over the past few years we have seen the exponential growth of mobile commerce. This trend will continue in the coming years as more and more students from the mobile generation join the workforce and become the independent consumers of tomorrow.

Still Unsure About Mobile Commerce?

Those unsure about the future of mobile commerce most often worry about security. However, one of the greatest advances in mobile commerce is the security factor. Mobile app developers go to great lengths to insure the safety of your data and purchases, and the encryption of cellular data transfers is top notch. On top of these built-in mobile security features e-commerce giant Paypal has just announced a new “log In with Paypal” commerce identity solution. Paypal is making mobile commerce easy for developers by allowing the customer to log in via their Paypal account, as opposed to having to create a new account for each online vendor/store. This simple system is convenient for consumers and completely secure as your transactions are backed by Paypal’s consumer guarantee.

The built in security of cellular networks and the added benefits of new technology partners like Paypal make mobile commerce a safe as well as convenient way to shop.

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