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Chief Marketing Technologist

What is a Marketing Technologist?

Do you consider yourself a marketer with significant IT or technology skills? Then you may just be a Marketing Technologist.  Some refer to themselves as data-driven marketers or content developers. Leveraging analytics and using experimentation to make better decisions is key to those of us in that realm. Technology is such a key element to the way we all communicate, that it must be part of the strategy and it can no longer be compartmentalized into the IT department only.

Marketing technology includes your website, widgets, text messaging, social media apps, mobile apps, web applications, interactive ads, search engine optimization, and all of the connected items that come along with your products (mobile website, app, etc).

What makes a Chief Marketing Technologist affective?

1. Solution Focused

We often focus on the marketing idea or campaign, but a a Marketing Technologist sees the overall initiatives and how everything intermingles. If the goal is to drive more revenue through loyalty, then that is the larger solution – think about all of the pieces that tie into that goal. While your latest text marketing campaign may be top of mind, it is important to consider how that marketing solution mingles with other technology you’re using and what its role is in context of your revenue and loyalty goal.

2. Always Be Testing

The data gathered through all of your marketing technologies will tell you stories. This data collection is important to not only analyze, but to also apply to campaigns and test. Each data point offers an opportunity for you to adjust a marketing campaign to make it more affective. It may also direct you to unmet needs within the company – from customer service to additional software.

3. Personas and Their Preferences

You know the personas of your customers, and you should also know their preferences. If a customer in Illinois receives a text message about a store in California, then he will be confused and possibly annoyed – leading to an opt-out. The same concept applies to their communications preferences and how you track that information. A detailed contact database for your text marketing and email marketing is especially important for this reason.

4. It Takes Teamwork

The most successful campaigns are highly collaborative, so keep that in mind when shopping around for new software to use. A new CRM system from the XYZ company may suit all of your marketing needs and address the larger solution, but does it work with your e-commerce platform? Working collaboratively with the IT department, finance department, and anyone else affected by that decision will help the long-term goals  you are setting.


Has your organization hired a Chief Marketing Technologist? Have you begun to adopt a Marketing Technologist mentality? What are some must-have traits that you look for?

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