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Casinos Bet On The Power Of Mobile Marketing In 2013

Casinos mobile marketing

The Power of Mobile Marketing

Today’s modern casinos operate with a great deal of technical power. They have tiny digital cameras everywhere tracking your every move and play. They are full of flat panel displays and digital gaming machines that are at the cutting edge of technology. They even use facial recognition software to track both known cheaters and high rollers. Yet even with all their cutting edge technology many casinos are falling behind on one of the most important pieces of marketing technology…mobile.

Casino Mobile Marketing and Operations

Large-scale casino operations are slowly joining the mobile marketing revolution. A few of the bigger brands such as the MGM Resorts in Las Vegas are betting heavily on mobile marketing. MGM is using opt-in offers for its guests at 6 of its properties in Vegas and Detroit. Guests at these resorts will get targeted special offers, alerts, contests and more. These promotions include real-time offers, property information and entertainment promotions such as deals on show tickets or meals in the hotel restaurants. MGM Resorts has also released a loyalty program app called Mlife. Mlife is a digital version of the popular players club loyalty program that many casinos rely on to track their customers spending habits.

Martin R. Baird, CEO of Robinson & Associates, a guest service consulting firm to the global gaming industry, recently put out a call to arms for the casino industry to get on board with mobile marketing. “It’s predicted that by 2016, 75 percent of cell phone owners will have smartphones,” Baird says. “This means that casinos must adjust their marketing now to accommodate mobile and be prepared.” Casinos should also use the power of mobile to turn guest feedback into a real time solution, according to Baird. “Many casinos still use antiquated comment cards and call it a guest feedback platform,” Baird notes. “That’s like thinking VHS is a video format. We saw the growth in mobile and realized that casinos need a way to collect real-time, actionable customer feedback using that technology.”

This year will be the year that mobile marketing dominates the casino industry. “Casinos that don’t embrace the mobile reality in 2013 will be left behind,” Baird says. “2013 is the year that mobile needs to be a focus for casino marketing and casino customer feedback.”

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