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Mobile Websites Will Drive Sales for Retailers This Holiday Season

The annual holiday shopping season is about to start, and mobile retail websites definitely have a role to play in helping consumers get the most bang for their buck. I can’t say that I enjoy shopping as an activity at any time of the year. Any technology that can make it a quicker and easier experience is something that I am prepared to embrace with open arms.

Recent surveys and data about consumer interactions with mobile websites offer some very interesting results. It found that consumers are turning to mobile websites to provide them with information they need to make an educated decision. A full 63 percent of respondents said that they had visited a store’s website from a mobile device and I was surprised to find out that 41 percent of them have done so from within the store itself.

Using mobile devices to check out offerings does not necessarily translate into loyalty, though. Shoppers reported checking out the offerings from another store during the same visit.

Drive Sales for Retailers Using a Mobile Website

Mobile sites can act as more than just an electronic brochure for a retail establishment. They can be an effective promotional tool for retailers. Shoppers who are already interested in researching prices and taking advantage of store coupons to find the best deals on the perfect gift will simply reach for their smart phones. Savvy store owners will make sure they are providing that information.


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New Mobile Technology Turns Your Cell Phone into a Mobile Scanner

I was really pleased to discover recently that the very bright folks at MoBeam have turned their attention to developing mobile technology that will make some applications much easier for consumers. I’m looking forward to the day when I can buy tickets for a concert online and avoid having to go to the Will Call window at the venue to pick them up or waiting for the post. MoBeam’s technology, which may be available to the public by early 2012, will allow me to store this type of information electronically and then present it to a retailer, who will simply scan it and direct me to my seat turning my cell phone into a mobile scanner.

Cell Phones as Mobile Scanner

MoBeam, a technology company founded in 2010, will also make it possible for consumers to get away from having to clip paper coupons and keep them organized before heading out to the stores. This approach should satisfy even the most extreme couponers and should make it easier for the average person to take advantage of this money-saving technique, which I am definitely supporting.

This company is demonstrating its belief that mobile technology should include this type of personal scanning by getting a cash injection reportedly from Matsui, Samsung and yet2Ventures of $4.9 million. These funds will be used to further develop the technology and bring it to major cell phone manufacturers. This new feature would then be offered to consumers as part of the cell phone’s package of features.

Holiday Shopping with Mobile Web and Apps a Popular Choice

Holiday Shopping with Mobile

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us, soon we will be making our lists and checking them twice before starting to search for gifts. I always look forward to this time of year, and like the majority of shoppers (54 percent), I plan on doing mine in November or December. I can’t get organized enough to start shopping for Christmas in October but 33 percent of people decide to get an early start and (hopefully) beat the holiday rush.

When holiday shopping with mobile devices, there is no need to brave the genuine crowds at the mall to get your Christmas shopping done. People who own these types of devices are very likely to use them to get their shopping done. According to a study conducted by Mojiva, about half of mobile device owners will use them for this purpose- that includes me.


Shopping with mobile apps      Shopping through mobile web

Not only will mobile device owners do their holiday shopping through mobile web or applications, they also plan to spend more on electronics than consumers who favor more traditional Christmas shopping methods. The same study found that 70 percent of them will spend $20 or more on a gift, while 40 percent will go as high as $50 on an item for someone on their Christmas wish list. Overall, it sounds like shoppers are embracing their mobile devices this holiday season. Personally, I am quite happy to skip the crowds, put on my iTunes and buy my gifts on my cell phone.

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