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Brands See Added Benefits When Integrating the Third Screen

Mobile marketing is constantly evolving and it is vital for all brands to stay on track with the latest trends and changes that the industry is undergoing to continuously reach their demographics. While there is an increase in the amount of in-app mobile marketing taking place, another avenue for consideration is the development of third screen applications.

Third screen applications are developed with the sole function of increasing consumer engagement when people watch television. A report by Yahoo!/Nielsen found that 86% of consumers are on their tablets or mobile devices while watching TV, a trend that cannot be ignored.  Several brands are taking note and developing third screen apps to give an even deeper user experience, allowing fans to watch their favorite shows and indulge in exclusive content at the same time.

The use of a third screen apps offers a huge boost for mobile strategy as it allows targeted campaigns. Those downloading the apps are already fans of brands and entertainment, which means they don’t have to be convinced to become engaged. However, care must be taken to provide free content and entertainment as well as to push merchandise and sales opportunities.

Advertising on mobile devices is becoming increasingly important for firms who want to gain a competitive edge. By investing in third screen entertainment, brands can gain a lot of positive press and branding while increasing sales.

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