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Brands Engage More Customers With Mobile Marketing

There are two different kinds of brands in today’s consumer landscape: smart brands and even smarter brands.

The latter can be defined by a brand’s rapid response to incorporate a mobile strategy into its brand framework to become 4D.  Consider the overused term ‘holistic’ to describe a brands’ approach to creating an experiential platform, but ‘holistic’ seems like a bygone description unless it includes a mobile channel to surpass the 3D experience.

Online purchasing is such an involuntary activity today that it makes in-store purchasing seem like a nostalgic experience. Brands can leverage the progressive power of the “mobile purse” to facilitate faster purchasing and engage more customers while also connecting with consumers in real time. Offering the 4th dimension’s bare essentials — a beautifully simple mobile website and/or even promote products/services through text marketing — can drive profit and deepen customer loyalty through impulse purchasing and engagement.

Brands respond quickly to the demand of mobile interfacing because consumers are starting to have 4D experiences with other brands.  Remember that most folks can be brand promiscuous and consume competitive brands within the same category if the consumer feels the competition has built a better experience.  Mobile budgets will be increased by 95% across sectors in 2012 which will officially outpace other forms of digital advertising.  In other words, bye bye email marketing. Loyalty, in essence, can also be secured through mobilization.

Adapting a brand via mobile website design requires a separate mobile strategy and heightened consideration for all access points consumers engage their beloved brands. On-brand messaging and design as an extension is crucial in maintaining the perception of the brand. (i.e. simply retrofitting to mobile will not be effective and can disconnect the links to the overall brand manifesto.) Mobile phones are becoming the primary source to access the web, and users are hungry for information about brands.

Consumers want it all and at all times – it is vital for a brand to create an additional outlet to access the desired product, service or information. A mobile device is the conduit to other channels accessed by your consumers at an indeterminate rate: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twiitter , and thus for smartphone, SMS integration will connect consumers to their choice brands even faster.

A brand cannot go into the 4th Dimension lightly. The end-user experience must be a smooth one to hold the consumer’s attention. 57% of consumers said they would not recommend a business who had a weak mobile website, and incidentally, 40% of consumers turn to the competition if they experience frustration on a poorly designed mobile site.

For small and big businesses alike, occupying the mobile space is imperative to compete in the new frontier. While in-store shopping, watching TV with four other devices engaged at once (enter ‘technogluttony’ here), customers need the 4th element to support their every need. Get it while it’s hot.

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