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Mobile Strategy Improves Home Improvement

Mobile Strategy Improves Retail Experience

A few of the large home hardware retailers dove into mobile marketing last year. There were various takes on how to develop a relationship with customers:

  • Animated mobile ad campaigns
  • New mobile websites with detailed product information and location finders
  • Mobile apps targeting the loyal DIY customers
  • Text marketing programs with valuable season updates and sales

Several great campaigns in 2012 showed success for their respective brands, because mobile strategy improves the consumer experience. It is great that these large national brands with tons of resources are dedicating part of their budget toward mobile marketing. However, there are so many wonderful small businesses and local hardware retailers who can also take advantage of mobile marketing solutions.

One small shop invited customers to text-in for weather and seasonal notifications. Customers were getting valuable information about how to prepare and what to purchase. This increased sales, grew the SMS database organically (friends tell friends) and created new loyalty among those customers.

Local businesses are seeing even more traction from the addition of mobile tools to their marketing plans than the big brands. If you want to sponsor a “ladies night” to drive business from female customers, then use text message marketing to get the word out and collect RSVP’s. The next time you run an ad in the town newspaper, update your call to action to include “Text In for Special Offers and Tips.” You will be able to track how many people read your advertisement and you will reach new customers. Now are you ready to go mobile?

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