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Black Friday Mobile App Benefits Prove to be Beneficial to Consumers

With Black Friday quickly approaching, many smart phone users are downloading Black Friday apps to assist them with their upcoming holiday shopping through mobile strategy. An estimated 70% of shoppers will be using their smart phones this Black Friday.

As a consumer who avoids Black Friday like the plague, I initially disregarded these apps as not being beneficial. I was mistaken. After researching the most popular Black Friday apps, I see the potential for these apps to significantly aid in shopping during this chaotic occasion.


Black Friday Mobile App Benefits

Instead of having individual store apps on your screen, Black Friday apps combine all major retailers into a single app to help looking for deals and creating shopping lists painless. Majority of these apps show special deals offered from major retail stores as well as hourly countdowns until the big day and push notifications for recently added deals. Only a few stand out among the crowd due to their specialized features that help customers swipe the best deals.

The most successful mobile apps let shoppers compare prices with competitor stores and online prices to guarantee that they are getting the best deal. Shoppers can access “show rooming” or location-specific features that show where discounted items are in the store via a map. In addition, many apps even total the prices of products by store to see how much they will spend at each store, as well as the overall total to see how much they will be saving.

With Black Friday looming over us, shoppers accessing these apps to plan out their shopping trip before they go to the store will allow for a more successful, but not necessarily shorter, experience.

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