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Benefits of Text Message Marketing

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When you compare open rates of text messages to emails, it is clear that SMS is much faster and more effective. While you don’t want to abandon your email marketing efforts, you should consider the impact of offering text as a communications channel for your customers. If you are a restaurant or retailer that sends out special offers all the time, then mobile coupons delivered via SMS are likely to have a higher return rate for you.


SMS infographic, benefits of text marketing, True Dialog

SMS Infographic, benefits of text marketing, SMS marketing


The demographic reach of text messages is undeniable. You can reach just about everyone in the US (as well as abroad). Whether your core audience includes young moms, college students or people approaching retirement, you can connect with them using two-way dialog text messaging. Leverage those customers with high disposable income who are well educated and want specific information from your company.


Text message infographic, sms infographic, benefits of text marketing

For content marketing, text messages are a key way to drive this audience from inquiry to next steps. If you plan your marketing content the right way, then you’ll find that customers will choose your company and opt in to receive text messages from you. Just make sure the content is valuable.


What are your plans for reaching customers while on their mobile phones?


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