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Back to School Sales and Tax Free Days

Kids and parents are more mobile and shopping savvy than ever. Back to School sales are more competitive, so you need to stay up to date on the best ways to reach your audience.


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This year has the potential to be a strong back-to-school shopping season. The most tech savvy brands are integrating their back to school sales through multiple marketing channels and SMS is a high priority. “The International Council of Shopping Centers’ annual Back-to-School Consumer Spending Survey reveals that 67 percent of shoppers plan to spend more than last year, while 79 percent plan to use a mobile device while shopping in-store for back-to-school”(source: Mobile Commerce Daily).


Here are a few ideas for driving traffic into your retail store and growing you mobile marketing program.


1. LOCAL TARGETING: While many shoppers are price or deal driven, use your mobile tools to deliver locally targeted information that includes relevant offers to back-to-school shoppers. The mobile coupons you send via text make it easier for shoppers to quickly redeem coupons.


2. PERSONALIZE: Your shoppers want to feel like they are only getting the information that is most relevant to them. Rather than sending large blasts out to your entire audience, use purchase history or activities to send more targeted messages about specific products.


3. INTEGRATE: If you can create a smooth single stream in the user experience – from text message with a mobile coupon, to the rack in store, to the checkout – then your retail store is likely to beat out the competition.  Do this by integrating your systems. Connect your CRM system with your SMS platform and your Point of Sale.


4. MOBILE WEB: If your website is not already mobile friendly by now, then you may be in for trouble during back to school shopping time. Whether a shopper is visiting your website from an email, text, or another website, the user experience needs to be a positive one. Test things out. Make sure buttons are easy to click on all device types (not just iPhone), and that making a purchase appears secure.


5. TAX FREE WEEKEND: Leverage the tax free weekend the same way you would a holiday. Plan specific promotions for those days to drive traffic into your store. In Texas, the tax free weekend is August 7-9. If you have an existing list of contacts in your mobile database, then push your message out between today (8/4) and Friday (8/7). Make your contacts feel like they are getting exclusive content.


Have more ideas? Share them with us!

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