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Back to School Checklist: Pencils, Backpack, Cell Phone

The Back to School Checklist Has Changed

– 2 packs unsharpened pencilsBack To School Checklist, Mobile Ideas, mobile retail
– 3 spiral notebooks (I won’t look in)
– 5 2 ½ inch (like it matters) binders
– 1 calculator (I’ll never use)
– 1- Pencil pouch (I’ll still lose all my pencils)
– Stylish backpack (that won’t fit anything)
New cell phone case
– Cute Clothes

Going back to school is not my favorite time of the year. I’m dreading when August 17th finally rolls around, but I admit there is  one thing I look forward to at the beginning of every school year – it has nothing to do with learning. I love back to school shopping.  Above is the typical back to school checklist of things I need before classes begin. With freshman year rapidly approaching, the clothes are more important than ever (almost as important as having an unlimited texting plan).

I usually start looking online for clothes in late July. That gives me plenty of time to decide “who I want to be”.  I then hit up the mall and see if there’s anything there I like. I’ll try on a few outfits and send photos of them to my friends, but my trip usually doesn’t end well.  With all the other teenage girls shopping for the cutest outfits of the season, stores usually don’t have the sizes or colors I want. Therefore, I am left constantly browsing the internet, sometimes from my mobile device, while I’m at the mall; looking at every item currently available on my favorite stores websites. (Delia’s, Forever 21, American Eagle, etc.) After some in depth searching, I’ll send pictures of my favorite finds to my friends and see what they think. As soon as my friend’s text back with their approval I usually buy it right away.

My friends tend to like a lot of the things I like and I end up having numerous options and wanting to buy them all. This causes a very large credit card bill, not making my mother (or father) very happy. Having a program where I could text to get a mobile coupon for a store I like would probably bring that bill down a lot. Even having the ability to enter a sweepstakes to win back to school money or supplies would make everything a lot easier (if I did win). If I could use my cell phone to save money, instead of just using up all of the minutes on our family plan, I’m sure my parents would be really happy too.

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