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Alumni Job Success Using a SMS Integration

Despite employers hiring 8.3% more new college graduates in 2015, the job market is still tough for millennial graduates (USToday). However, networking continues to be a key to getting that big job. One of the most logical networks for a college graduate to tap into is that of their fellow alumni. Alumni job portals are great but, sometimes it’s difficult to find the right leads or stay updated with new postings. More universities and colleges are utilizing communications tools such as an SMS integration to connect the job portal to the SMS platform.


Manage Updates With Triggered SMS Alerts


Alumni SMS, SMS Education, Mobile Learning, SMS Integration, Mobile Integration,Getting the most relevant and updated job postings is the clear pain point for graduates. Almost half of all job openings are filled within one month, according to Indeed, which is a quick turnaround. Alumni offices can offer the most up-to-date information for alumni, and it can so little work. Create a gateway SMS  campaign through an SMS integration with the jobs portal system. This kind of SMS campaign will trigger text alerts to be sent out to anyone who is subscribed to SMS alerts with a link to the newest jobs.

For example, the finance graduate looking for portfolio management positions has signed up for SMS alerts related to jobs with those keywords included. Your system queues the list of jobs, and once a day or once a week a text message goes out to that finance graduate. Receiving that personalized text message on his phone helps him stay atop of the latest job postings.

The results of this simple one-time setup are incredible. Alumni look to your organization as a thought leader and innovator because you made the job search easier. You have created value and trust with your alumni, which is an immeasurable success.


Tips For Alumni Success With SMS Integration


No matter what part of the career path he or she is on, your alumni will always have room for learning and growth. Keep the alumni in your CRM system or job portal, and create additional value through career tips. One of the top recommendations for those  job hunting is ABL (Always Be Learning). Whether it is interview help, resume pointers, technology application tips, or mentoring opportunities, allow members the option to opt-in for periodic text message tips to support their growth and job search.

basic SMS campaign can be used to send a text message linking to a your latest blog post highlighting last minute interview tips. The applicant receives a small, digital pep talk from a trusted source and (assuming it goes well) associates some success with your organization.

If you have an alumni mentoring program, then you may want to leverage a dialog campaign to match folks up with the right mentor  or mentee. Dialog SMS using a polling-like feature where you can ask specific answers and use a multiple choice, yes/no, or open-ended question to gather information. Alumni can quickly respond to the SMS poll while on the go or even at home, and you will get all of the results in one place.


Alumni SMS, SMS Education, Mobile Learning, SMS Integration, Mobile Integration,



One of the greatest aspects in engaging with alumni is the networking opportunities. By being active in an alumni community and job portal, you get exclusive job opportunities specific to your Alma Mater and also the benefits of networking with fellow alumni. While maintaining your portal or CRM database is important, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Basic functions like alerts and reminders can be simplified using a SMS integration. Give your alumni all the tools they need for post-graduation success without working after 5pm


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