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Activating an SMS Campaign with a Keyword

Creating an SMS Campaign With a Keyword

Whether in a restaurant, mall, hospital, or a conference, when someone texts in with a keyword your message better be clear and useful. You can activate an SMS campaign with a keyword in the 3Seventy platform in just 2 steps.


Setup a Keyword

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Reserve a Keyword

Go to Campaigns > Manage Keywords. On the right side is a button that reads Reserve New Keyword.

When you click on it, a pop-out window will ask you what name you want to use.

  • Make it a short word with no spaces (characters and numbers only)
  • It should be easy to remember and spell
  • The keyword should be related to your campaign or company



Attach a Keyword to a CampaignSMS Keyword, Attach Keyword to Campaign, SMS Campaigns, True Dialog SMS Platform, SMS Keyword

Go to Campaigns > Manage Campaigns. In the Actions column, click on the icon that looks like a key next to the campaign you want to activate.

Click inside the keyword box to choose your keyword, then submit.


Your campaign is now activated and you can text the keyword to your shortcode to test it out. 

Why are keywords useful?

1. Use keywords on marketing materials to grow your database quickly. Think about in-store signage, business cards, digital ads, and other places where your keyword can be placed to promote your SMS campaigns. Imagine adding the phrase “Text CUPCAKE to 33898” on a poster. That’s all it would take.


2. Think about using multiple SMS keywords on the same campaign for source tracking. If you want to compare a print campaign to a digital campaign, then use 2 different keywords and see which one led to more SMS sign-ups.


3. The imagery that you can create with SMS keywords is useful and fun to test out. Using a word that evokes an emotion or reaction in your audience.


4. Your SMS keyword is unique to you and your business. Only one account can use a keyword on each phone number (short code or long code). This word is part of your branding, so you can treat it as such.

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