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5 Tips To Improve the Retail Experience

How to Make the Retail Experience Great Using Mobile Marketing

1. Make It Personal & Keep It Consistent

Make everything your audience sees personalized so that it is relevant to them. This means using customers data to make content more relevant to their purchases and preferences. And make sure that the messaging is consistent across all devices (desktop, mobile phone, tablet) and throughout the entire shopping experience.


2. Know Where and When Your Customers Researching

During the holiday shopping season, researching for gifts is just as important as the final purchase. Whether your consumers are searching for gift ideas, product information or deals, make sure you have an eye on their movements. Having a data-driven strategy allows you to reach your people whenever they are searching for you or similar products/services. Setting yourself up this way enlightens you to catch your audience when and where it matters most.

“Department store Kohl’s is using an indoor positioning system that ‘walks the aisles’ with customers. This mobile technology allows shoppers to opt in for promotions as they enter the store. Throughout their visit, people receive lifestyle content in real time based on the products they appear to be looking for.” Using a mixture of a mobile app and GPS, Kohl’s can track and respond to in-store activities as well as turn them into future content (source: dun & bradstreet).


3. Motivate Customers to Take Action

Entice customers with the items that are uniquely packaged for them, and drive them to take action. When customers feel that they are limited by time or inventory, then they are motivated to take action. Creating urgency stresses to customers that they need to buy your product NOW or else they will miss the opportunity.

Your customers want to get from A to Z with ease. Your marketing strategy goal is to let your leads get as close as possible to point Z before you ask for money. The closer customers get to point Z, the more likely they are to make a purchase to get their desired result.

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4. Connect Platforms for Cross-Device Behaviors

Mobile phones are the new personal shopping assistant. People can search while in-store for the information or products and deals they want. The real strength of mobile during the 2014 holiday season was in driving traffic to retailers’ websites. During Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday in 2014, “Wal-Mart added that about 70% of its online traffic in the five-day period came from mobile”(source: Wall Street Journal).

It needs to be easy for your audience to input information, do research, compare products, get mobile coupons, etc. And they want to feel that their data is safe while shopping on their smartphone. We tend to shift our shopping between platforms and devices, so make sure that the user experience has smooth and secure flow. This means integrating your POS and e-commerce with your website / mobile website, and any other key software systems. Make sure that your SaaS providers integrate with each other – look into the details of the APIs they each offer.


5. Use Data to Improve Creative

When you leverage data to fuel your messaging and creativity, the overall content can be more engaging for your audience and it has a higher potential for driving sales. More companies are using recommendation engines, which use an algorithm to predict what a user may or may not like among a list of given items – knowing their interests, preferences, location, products they’ve browsed and purchased, and even past product searches.


Final Thoughts on the Retail Experience

Mobile marketing for the retail experience involves reaching customers when they are using the internet while on-the-go and away from the desktop environment. Considering the increased mobile phone and tablet usage, mobile marketing tactics are a must-have for retailers, especially as we approach the holiday season.

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