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5 Reasons to Attend EdTech Panel

We’re Talking about #EdTech and #MobileLearning on April 8th. 


At 3Seventy, we value higher education and we aim to support the education community by offering insights into how technology is enhancing the experience in an EdTech Panel webinar. Whether it is kids in a classroom, adults continuing their education from home, or people learning on a mobile device in a far away place, technology plays an integral part in how we learn today.


Here are five reasons why you need to attend the EdTech Panel


  • The Speakers:
    • Hear from Kathleen Denyer Hall, User Experience Research Manager at Civitas Learning, understands how educators are using technology in classrooms. She hears directly from the users of the Civitas Learning platform, which provides a detailed view of an institution’s historical and predictive student flow.
    • Hear from Sean Duffy, founder of EdTech Austin and marketing lead for the MakerSquare team in Austin, about the important connection between education and technology – especially here in Austin, Texas. He works with his team to offer outcomes-focused learning opportunities for those developing their engineering skills.
    • Moderated by John Wright, CEO of 3Seventy, has an extensive background in how people communicate. His professional experience with email communications, text messaging, and business to consumer relationship management supports the insights that he can offer into this conversation.


  • Get Answers: You will have opportunities to ask your questions about education technology, mobile learning, and how these technologies are integrated into institutions today. This EdTech Panel of experts will address your questions in real-time or following the webinar.


  • Thought Provoking Insights: You will be surprised by some of the insights you hear from these industry leaders about tools and ways technology is truly enhancing education – rather than disrupting it.


  • Easy to Join: We’re keeping this panel short out of respect for your time – only 30 minutes of presentation time. Plus you can listen in from your computer or phone, depending upon what is easiest for you.


  • Free to Attend: That’s right. There is no cost to register for the EdTech Panel webinar. We are so passionate about sharing information and starting the conversation that we see no reason to charge for this webinar.


So what are you waiting for? Register Today! 

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