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4 Reasons to Attend SMS for Universities Webinar

SMS for universities is becoming a lot more commonplace. This is due in part to increased competition in higher education marketing and rising popularity of education technology (EdTech). This Thursday, May 5th, we will be hosting a webinar discussing the different ways SMS improves higher education experience for students, alumni, professors, and administration. Here are 4 reasons why you should attend.

1. Increase Enrollment

With approximately 5,300 colleges and universities in the U.S, competition to convert applicants into enrolled students is high. Learn who the new enrolling students are and how to use SMS to foster a relationship that leads to enrollment.

2. Improve In-Classroom Experience

Among college students, 86% own a smartphone and 52% own a tablet (Pearson Education).These devices can often be a distraction for students and a nuisance for professors during lecture. However, professors can learn how to utilize this mobile technology for their advantage to better in-class participation and communication.

3. Help Students Engage

One of the best aspects of student life is growing both a social and professional network of peers. However, many college elligible students miss this opportunity due to summer melt – a phenomena in which enrolled students fail to make it to school in the fall because they “melt” away during the summer. We’re going to be discussing ways in which SMS can help these prospective students stay engaged and college ready.

4. Keep Students Updated With Important Notifications

In the chaos of getting ready for college, it is common for important dates and alerts to slip through the cracks. Enrollment deadlines, orientation, and campus events updates are just a few things many incoming students have to remember. Having SMS for universities provides a cohesive notification system for instantaneous communications that keep students in the loop.


In addition to covering these topics in depth, we will also have a Q&A session at the end for any additional questions. Based on the great dialogue we had in our last webinar about EdTech, attendees of this Thursday’s webinar sure to receive a lot of insightful information. We hope to see you there!

Details and registration can be found here

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