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Infographic: 227 Million Smartphones in North America

Smartphone Adoption Continues to Grow in the US

CTIA recently released a new infographic that demonstrates the immense growth of wireless devices throughout the United States and North America. They expect growth of up to 324M by 2019. There’s 227 Million Smartphones in North America right now and steadily growing.n

What is even more interesting and exciting is the rapid growth of wearables. It seems like just a couple of years ago that the world was so unfamiliar with the concept of mobile devices that are wearable. And now they are the “it” thing to have and understand. Where will mobile health go next?

“There will be 157.3 million US mobile phone search users this year, eMarketer estimates, representing just under half of the population. Next year, mobile search will reach the masses: 177.8 million smartphone users of any age will search via mobile browser or app at least monthly, equating to nearly 55% of all consumers in the country.”


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227 Million Smartphones in North America in 2014 and expected to grow 1.4X.

That’s about 324 million smartphones by 2019.

According to CTIA, the Wireless Subscriber Connections was at 158.7 million smartphones and other active devices, including feature phones and tablets as of December 2003. And by December 2014 that number has jumped up to 335.4 million smartphones and other active devices. However, users may have more than one wireless device, so this number is not equal to individual subscribers.


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