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2016 Mobile Predictions: Mobile Coupons

SMS coupons, mobile coupons, mcommerce, mobile marketing, SMS marketingYou, the savvy mobile marketer, already know that mobile commerce is booming. Having a comprehensive plan for Mcommerce is crucial for staying on top in 2016. An easy solution for increasing both store traffic and overall sales is the use of mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons are effective and, according to Mobile Commerce Daily, 96% of mobile users will search for digital coupons – a 26% increase from 2014. By the end of this year, 121.3 million U.S adults will redeem a digital coupon with 83.1 million doing so via smartphones (EMarketer). The expert opinions are in and here is what is in-store for mobile coupons in 2016.

Location, Location, Location

Location based mobile marketing, or SMS geofencing, is having a big moment, and it is only going to get bigger in 2016. Location SMS marketing works in 2 parts:

First, there is the use of it in physical locations where the customers are using it – to understand their purchasing personas. Customers can allow businesses to have access to their locations. By tracking customer movement, companies can get an idea of the persona of their customer base. For example, if you are a new sporting good company and you notice that customers in your area frequent the local soccer field, you can increase your in-store traffic by offering mobile coupons on your soccer equipment.

The second use of location based SMS marketing is SMS geofencing.  SMS geofencing is when customers not only allow companies to know their locations, companies also have the ability to send location-specific SMS messages. When customers are in range of your business, triggered messages will be sent out with deals and coupons to lure customers in. Locations can be as broad as a U.S region or as narrow as being in a physical store. By targeting customers in specified locations, businesses can make the most of their mobile marketing – especially when it comes to mobile coupons.


SMS coupons, mobile coupons, mcommerce, mobile marketing, SMS marketing

Cross Platform Integration

Multi-platform integration is a large essential in every digital marketing arsenal. Going from mobile app, to SMS notifications, to in-store or online purchasing will soon be a seamless experience. Mobile coupons will be no different. Many apps, such as Sephora’s, have an all-in-one mobile shopping experience. Not only can you shop from the app, it also tracks your beauty rewards, provides beauty tips, and (of course) sends you digital coupons for your next purchase. In 2016, this will become far more common place as more stores opt for the all-in-1 integration model.




Big Takeaways for Mobile Coupons in 2016

No need for the crystal ball, we have seen the future for retail and mobile commerce: SMS coupons are on top.

It is estimated that mobile coupon usage will exceed 1 billion users by 2019 (Juniper Research). This means that to implement mobile coupons, you must have a thoughtful mobile strategy. To summarize, the two big takeaways are:

1. Allow an option for customers to opt-in to your location tracking services to effectively target the customers you need. Digital marketing can be costly, so make sure that you are sending your mobile coupons to the right consumers in the right places.

2. Make sure that your digital integration includes mobile coupons, and that they are seamlessly integrated. Cohesiveness is key if you want your mobile coupons to increase customer traffic.

Mobile coupons are not only a great way to tie multiple digital platforms together but, they help to build customer relations. Motivate your customers by providing incentive to their #1 shopping companion: their smartphones.

SMS coupons, mobile coupons, mcommerce, mobile marketing, SMS marketing



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mobile commerce, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Marketing, Retail, SMS Campaigns, SMS Marketing

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